December 9, 2018

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Kyoto Journal, Ken Rogers

December 9, 2018

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Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Elizabeth MacDuffie


Meat for Tea: The Valley Review was founded by Elizabeth MacDuffie and Alexandra Wagman. Their mission is to “recognize and feature the work of artists, writers, and musicians living in western Massachusetts and beyond.” The magazine takes poetry, visual art and short fiction. Simultaneous submissions are welcome. One quirk of Meat for Tea is that every time a new issue of the magazine is launched, it is accompanied by a Cirque. These Cirques are usually local and include local bands and various other artists. Meat For Tea recently won an award through the Bookbuilders of Boston in their 2014 annual book show.


How did you get started with Meat for Tea?

When I was an adjunct professor of English at a local community college, I became fast friends with a new addition to the staff, Alexandra Wagman. She holds an MFA from Cal Arts and is overflowing with creative ideas. One day, when we were both in the office, she turned to me and said, “We should start a literary magazine.” I said, “Uh, ok,” and Meat for Tea was born shortly thereafter.


Did you have previous experience in Editing and Publishing?

 Yes, while working on my Bachelor’s degree I was first associate editor, then editor in chief of Dickinson State University’s arts & literary journal, Impressions. I was also selected to be Chair of the Board of Student Publications, but had to step down from this post because of a difficult pregnancy. While working on my Master’s at Bemidji Stare University I served on the editorial board of Dust and Fire, a women’s literary journal. I was also one of the editors/ creators of Fertile Ground, another women’s literary publisher. In 2011 I was one of the fiction editors for Best Indie Lit.