December 9, 2018

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Kyoto Journal, Ken Rogers

December 9, 2018

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Under the Gum Tree, Robin Martin


Under the Gum Tree is a magazine that “strives for authentic connections through vulnerability.” Under the Gum Tree is a digital as well as a print literary micro-magazine that accepts creative nonfiction and visual art. It uses a quarterly format and submissions are open year round.  Interview with Robin Martin, Senior Editor of Under the Gum Tree


What was your role in the creation of this magazine? I know that you’ve been with Under the Gum Tree from the beginning, so how has your role in the magazine progressed or changed, if at all, now that you are the Senior Editor?

I climbed on board for the first issue kind of as a favor to a grad-school colleague, and spent the first couple of years familiarizing myself with CNF as a vehicle for storytelling, and what it was, exactly about this ride that had Janna so jazzed up (I had come from fiction). Something really clicked for me at the start of the third year– I could step on the gas or the brake, and the gas it was. I love working with the Assistant and Associate Editors and I learn so much from them every time I log into Submittable and read their notes.


On that same note, what changes have you noticed in the magazine itself? How has it grown since the 2011 premiere issue in your perspective? And what are your–and the other editors–aspirations for it as a literary magazine?

The magazine has been pretty consistent since the first issue; we’ve done very li