December 9, 2018

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Kyoto Journal, Ken Rogers

December 9, 2018

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University of Hell Press, Eve Connell



University of Hell Press aims to promote “irreverent and thought-provoking works.” The press wants to nurture an intimate experience between reader and writer that explores the human condition. Greg Gerding is the founding father of the press. University of Hell began as a simple weekly poetry series called Poetry in Hell, in a Washington D.C bar. It then moved to San Diego and became a weekly prose column called University of Hell, which gave rise to the press. The now-established press operates in Portland, Oregon and has a strong presence in both cities.


What first inspired you to be part of the world of publishing and editing?

As an avid consumer of words, I’ve naturally been attracted to the publishing / editing world. My previous life as a full-time academic led me to create my own consultancy in which I (still) craft, write, edit, train, brand, speak, strategize, and basically manage language and content for a variety of clients. It’s really fun connecting with and taking on the voice of others. Once I began interacting with more authors, I found that it’s the cool creative types I really like working with; the authors with unique, irreverent voices that I’m most attracted to. The roster at University of Hell Press resonates!


Can you tell me about any difficulties you have encountered while an editor of Hell Press?

Challenges abo