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How to submit to Literary Magazine Digital Gallery

For this year's digital FUSE colloquium, we invite all participating members to submit a brief video introduction to your school's literary magazine(s). These videos will be curated and launched the day of the colloquium, October 29th, 2020.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit a video no more than three minutes long. We encourage these videos to mention: 

  • Name of journal and the school where it is produced

  • The mission statement, manifesto, or guiding principals of the journal

  • The history, including how long the journal has existed and any other important details

  • Format (online, print, frequency of pub, etc.)

  • Sample images and words from recent issues

  • What sets your journal apart from other undergrad journals

  • Where to find issues

  • Contributor success stories (this may be a mention of where else your contributors have had their work published, for example)

  • Where to find your publication on social media platforms, websites, etc. 

Click this hyperlink to upload your video to the FUSE page on Flipgrid.
To upload to Flipgrid, follow these steps:
  1. Click the link to the Flipgrid page

  2. Click the "Record a Response" button

  3. You may record the introduction to your journal, using the variety of options presented OR

  4. Click the "options" icon that is represented by a ... at the bottom of the video screen

  5. Select the "upload clip" option. Flipgrid supports a .MOV, .MP4, or .WEBM file

  6. Click "Next" until it asks for Display name, link, and title.

  7. Make your display name the name of your literary magazine. 

  8. Link to your publications website and briefly describe your journal under the title section.

  9. Click the blue "Submit" button

After you have submitted your video, it will be reviewed to ensure that you and your publication are registered for the colloquium and that you have answered the questions above. All video introductions will go live on Flipgrid on the day of the colloquium. 

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