2018 Reviewed by Mitchell Roshannon, Susquehanna University, Class of 2019 Kalliope is a student run literary journal on the University Park campus which publishes the writing and artwork of Penn State students. The cover image of the 2018 issue is “House in the Woods” by Elise Warfield, an image of a house seen through foliage during what I take to be the very earliest light of day. The journal is lovingly designed and the writing partitioned into three parts: poetry, fiction, and nonfiction respectively; each offering very different but very talented work. A piece from the poetry section, titled “Black Groove” by Andrea Brown, still sits with me. I am reminded of my own lost loved ones whe

Widener Ink

2018 Issue Reviewed by Mitchell Roshannon, Susquehanna University, Class of 2019 Widener Ink is the literary journal of Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania. The cover of the 2018 publication shows a flower with an eye in the center, graffitied on cement, a great indication that this journal is dedicated to work both written and visual. The work in Widener Ink does not fall clearly into an elite definition of art; the cover suggests the interest in considering the artistic merit in everything, from sestina to spray-paint. Inside the cover, the writing features topics and takes on subjects that some would consider taboo or out of this world, and manages to see the art within. Still viv

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"If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else."

~Toni Morrison

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