Exit 7, West Kentucky Community & Technical College

spring 2015 review by jenna kapes, susquehanna university, class of 2017 The magazine, Exit 7:  A Journal of Literature & Art, is published by West 📷Kentucky Community & Technical College. It is a forum for community college students to share their work. The magazine’s front cover is inviting and warm, taking us back to a time when sunscreen was first introduced and glorified as a “wonder of modern science.” The back cover art, highlighted with green paint swatches, portrays the invention of a hair-styling kit for men of color, donning the typical 1970’s afro. Poet Hannah Faith Notess’s collection of poetry opens with a series of discrete images that capture youth as a boy is struck with in

Abington Review, Penn State Abington

abington review volume 13 april 2014 review by alyssa turner, susquehanna university, class of 2017 The Abington Review is published by the students at Penn State Abington, a commonwealth campus of Pennsylvania State University. The journal publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and art. The Abington Re📷view is fluid, not anchored to one voice, one place, one time. It is instead the collaborative effort of multiple voices—whether in harmony or in conflict—to pursue the question, Who are we? Like the figure in Rebeccah Ressler’s sketch “The Lone Nude,” The Abington Reviewchallenges our gaze. Her mouth is a slit, downturned, not wholly vulnerable. Her posture is a dare. Listen, she s

The Album, Hollins University

the album 2014 issue review by nathaniel leies, susquehanna university, class of 2018 Disclaimer: The squid commands you to read this review. There. Now that you have no other choice, let me tell you all about The Album. The Album, Hollins University’s newest literary magazine, appears displeased with the format of the orthodox literary magazine. Down with monotony it seems to say. Down with one uniform page following the next. The Album will take a plain-Jane page and flip it upside down, literally. The Albumwill turn a poem sideways! (practical application aside) You will find this magazine a topsy-turvy read. Not only a page-turner, The Album is a book-turner too, as some stories and poem

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"If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else."

~Toni Morrison

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