The Album, Hollins University

the album fall 2013 review by danielle boyd, susquehanna university, class of 2016 The Album is a print literary magazine from Hollins University. It features prose and poetry. The cover of Hollins University’s The Album may lead the reader to believe that the magazine is just that: an album comprised of various literature fitted into fifty-five pages. However, once they delve into the context, it becomes apparent that The Album is not the type of magazine that believes in using a template or even has the capability of fitting into one. Each piece has a life of its own and breathes that life into the pages. The layout of the magazine moves with the pieces, some being printed sideways, others

Canon, Tufts University

spring 2014 review by emily teitsworth, susquehanna university, class of 2017 Canon is the only publication at Tufts University dedicated entirely to the arts. They accept submissions of photography, poetry, paintings, prose, stories, pen drawings, art made with Microsoft Paint, prose poems, and anything that can be experienced via paper. When I first pick up the Spring 2014 issue of Canon, what strikes me is their cover. The editors chose a photo of a meager-looking dog wandering through a graveyard. The picture is tinted green, and there is no writing on the front or back cover. The photo strikes me as dispirited; turns out, the content of the magazine reflects this theme. The strong voice

Cargoes, Hollins University

cargoes 2013 review by colin o’donnell, susquehanna university, class of 2015 Cargoes is a print literary journal out of Hollins University in Roanoke, VA. The journal publishes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction by undergraduate students. A handful of Hollins artists are selected to be featured in full-color prints. The journal runs two annual contests: An undergraduate contest, in which one winner each is chosen and published in poetry and fiction, and the Nancy Thorp High School Poetry Contest, which publishes one winner and several runners-up from poetry submitted by female sophomores and juniors. In 2005, Cargoes was awarded the Undergraduate Literary Prize for content by the Association o

Pendragon, Siena University

spring 2014 review by lauren stead, susquehanna university, class of 2015 The Pendragon literary magazine is an annual publication of creative work from the Siena College student body. The magazine publishes predominantly poetry, short stories, and photography from personal or class work. Students of all levels of experience are encouraged to submit. Siena University’s Spring Issue of Pendragon features a fantastical dragon penned across a blotted cover, lending a sort of antiquated feeling toward the magazine. The interior work continues with themes of strong hope and fantasy, usually coupled with loss. This theme reflects the dedication for Dr. Naton Leslie, who had been a part of the maga

Prairie Margins, Bowling Green State University

prairie margins 2014 review by chelsea ritter, susquehanna university, class of 2016 Prairie Margins is a print literary magazine from Bowling Green State University that publishes undergraduate work from across the country. It accepts submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, photography, and art. The 2014 issue of Prairie Margins captures the reader’s attention from the get-go with a serene painting of blossoming flowers at sunset decorating the cover. The humble letter from the editor further piques curiosity about the magazine’s content. The last paragraph of the letter states, “What I’m trying to say is thank you for holding our hard work in your hands whether you picked it u

The Reflector, Shippensburg University

the reflector 2014 review by gabrielle lang, susquehanna university, class of 2015 The Reflector is a student-run magazine published by Shippensburg University. The journal publishes prose, poetry, and artwork. When you receive the 2014 issue of Shippensburg University’s The Reflector, you are first drawn to a red pearl necklace, the only splash of color in the black and white cover, held between the bare toes of a woman in a porcelain bathtub. The magazine’s namesake is honored by the captivating reflection on the metal faucet. The font of the title and publication year reminds me of a detective writing on a typewriter, which also seems perfectly fitting to the aesthetic of the publication.

Vantage Point, University of Vermont

fall 2013 review by chelsea ritter, susquehanna university, class of 2016 Vantage Point is a print literary magazine featuring works of students at the University of Vermont. It includes three mediums: fiction, poetry, and art. The fall 2013 issue of Vantage Point is a decorative and beautiful magazine, done in collaboration with art students at Lesley University. Students from Lesley University had the opportunity to work with the content of Vantage Point and tailor their art to best serve the needs of the pieces. This collaboration with another university is unique among literary magazines and the end publication is aesthetically in a class of its own. All of the illustrations are in black

Westwind, UCLA

westwind spring 2013 review by julia fox, susquehanna university, class of 2016 Westwind is a print literary magazine featuring the work of students at the University of California, Los Angeles. It includes prose, poetry, and art. I reviewed the 2013 edition. Alexander Kinnear writes in his poem “Ode to Imitation, or Modern Revival,” “Sunset, boulevard of dreams, lead me / Home to her—Los Angeles calls all toward / Her, sons and daughters, sinners, dreamers we / Lovers like sea gulls hovering dying waves.” I, too, feel the call. I am the daughter, the sinner, the dreamer who let the strong, new voices featured in the 2013 issue of Westwind move me with purpose from poem to poem, story to sto

Widener Ink, Widener University

widener ink spring 2013 review by chelsea ritter, susquehanna university, class of 2016 Widener Ink is a print literary magazine featuring the work of students at Widener University. It includes five mediums: nonfiction, fiction, poetry, drama, and art. On the back cover of Widener Ink, poet Ashley Connor writes “Force it, spin it, twist and groan until the words sound better. Thread the ink and heart, pull until it tethers.” These simple lines perfectly encapsulate the creative process pulsing through the pages of this magazine. From cover to cover, the artistic thought and care put into crafting this journal is immediately apparent. When I first held up this issue of Widener Ink, I felt in

The York Review, York College

york review issue 20; 2014 review by nathaniel leies, susquehanna university, class of 2018 The York Review is a student-run literary magazine featuring works of students at York College. The magazine includes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and art. The York Review is a student-facilitated, student-produced magazine funded by the English and Humanities Department at York College of Pennsylvania. The York Review’s student editors are responsible for the overwhelming task of just about everything. From soliciting submissions, to delivering the magazine, and every step in between, even coordinating readings of original student poetry – these editors do it all. Originally intended only for

The Peel, Appalachian State University

the peel review 2012-2013 review by michael doran, susquehanna university, class of 2017 The Peel is the annual print publication of Appalachian State University. The magazine features prose, artwork, poetry, and a featured artist section. My first impression of The Peel from Appalachian State University is the design of the cover. The magazine’s logo sprawls over the cubic recreation of the college town in which the university is nestled. The color scheme catches the eye. At first glance, the off-white sky bleeds into the blue representation of the Appalachian Mountains, with the thick greens of the plush university under the disproportionate university buildings. Immediately, I notice the

Slippery Elm, University of Findlay

slippery elm 2013 review by shawn everest-ortiz, susquehanna university, class of 2015 Slippery Elm is a student-run magazine published by the University of Findlay. The journal is committed to promoting the best fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual art being created today. Slippery Elm is a student-run magazine that publishes a wide range of genres. It is “a journal committed to promoting the best fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual art being created today.” Since many of the authors featured in this magazine already have any number of books published (although one need not be a professional to be published in the magazine), the stakes are high: there is a $15 entry

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