Woodcrest, Cabrini College

woodcrest 2010 edition review by amanda chase (susquehanna university ’14) and mike coakley (susquehanna university ’12) “The leaves were turning orange and brown like girls who fall asleep in tanning beds,” begins Christopher Zobel’s “Longing for Change,” published in Cabrini College’s 2010 edition of Woodcrest. Zobel goes on to offer a commentary on the harshness of nature, before turning to the narrator’s somewhat comical dissatisfaction with his own age and gut. With a resigned yet playful tone, he succeeds in tapping into feelings that everyone has experienced. This is the nature of Woodcrest: a diverse display of the whimsical and the tragic, longing and satisfaction, sadness and happi

Quarto, Columbia University

Quarto volume 62 review by alison enzinna (susquehanna university ’13) and rebecca james (susquehanna university ’13) As we picked up the 62nd volume of Columbia’s literary magazine, Quarto, the front cover of which depicts an astronomical view of a night sky complete with unnamed stars andplanets, we could not help but feel disoriented. The table of contents plots the titles and authors of its pieces as if they were the names of stars. This aesthetic seems to suggest literature’s ability to forge order, or to make constellations out of individual stars. This edition of Quarto contains poetry, prose, and even a screenplay, whose language and syntax provide momentum toward emotion. Through sc

Eckerd Review, Eckerd College

2011 issue review by nicole redinski (susquehanna university ’13) Eckerd Review, an undergraduate literary magazine, highlights the exceptional artistic achievements of Eckerd College. It showcases poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and artwork from both current and past students. In the introductio📷n of the 2011 edition, the editors write, “Eckerd has a rich tradition of developing the many disciplines of art […] and encourages the pursuit of craft.” And it’s clear that the contributors to this magazine have perfected the craft of their writing, combining the right amounts of imagination and skill. This is combination is most clearly seen in the wonderfully sculpted characters in this i

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