Catfish Creek, Loras College

catfish creek volume one review by sarah gzemski (susquehanna university ’13) In “Three Attitudes for Writers,” Dennis Schmitz asks, “Why does anyone write?” He goes on to say, “I mean those whom Dr. Johnson would call ‘blockheads,’ who aren’t necessarily paid, who are humans by day, scribblers by night—explainers, and tract-thumpers, those who maybe talk to daffodils on long nature walks, haikuists and fillers of scrap-paper, cataloguers, story writers included— writers of any sort.” Schmitz’s work is published in the first issue of Catfish Creek, a new national undergraduate literary magazine to be published annually out of Loras College. The scribblers, explainers, and flower-talkers who

Spectrum, Northeastern University

Spectrum spring 2011 issue review by alison enzinna (susquehanna university ’13) and stephanie heinz (susquehanna university ’15) The spring 2011 issue of Northeastern University’s Spectrum immediately hooks the reader on the cover image’s iron gate, over which a dilapidated statue of Snow White bends. The striking contrast of this photograph against a placid lake scene speaks to the variety of styles and subjects in the works within the journal. Covering topics from personal battles with food to questioning the love and affection of a close family member, Spectrum attempts to understand where creativity fits in. The magazine’s staff lays out a mission to recapture interest and show that eve

Quiz and Quill, Otterbein University

review by emily crawford (susquehanna university ’15) Quiz & Quill While reading the fall 2011 Quiz and Quill chapbook, Glancer, I felt connected to its authors, students of Otterbein University, and the lifelike characters they created. The pieces in this issue are incredibly powerful, and the feelings they evoke are stronger than the feelings generated from many other pieces of literature. In “Green Line, Late” author Tony DeGenaro finds strength in using imagery and audio imagery. While reading his poem, I felt as though I could hear “glassware scratching,” and I began to find myself cringing at his intricate descriptions of nerve-wracking sounds. Some of these hated sounds include “the e

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~Toni Morrison

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