Westwind, UCLA

westwind 2009-2010 issue review by michael fiorilla (susquehanna university ’12) UCLA’S Journal of the Arts, Westwind, seeks to publish “new, challenging, and unconventional forms of creative writing.” Their goal is to create a “fresh, intelligent, and uniquely personal magazine,” and by that standard they have succeeded. At first glance, the magazine appears to offer conventional, classically inspired cover art; however, a turn to the back reveals this is not entirely the case. The journal is printed on rough textured paper and includes a unique ASCII design style, with all of the decorative elements of the journal’s interior composed out of the letters in Westwind. Form follows function in

The Coraddi, UNC at Greensboro

Fall 2009 Issue review by sarah gzemski (susquehanna university ’13) The cover of Coraddi is a striking blend of colors called “Leaf Bustle” by Heath Montgomery, and the eclectic splotches in cool blue, purple, and olive green tones draw in a reader’s eye to a larger picture, the branches woven in subtly and with great skill. The works inside this magazine are well represented by the cover, different parts fused together to create a unique and beautiful product. Coraddi, as described on its title page, “represents the art and literary community of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.” This magazine has a long history as it has been published “in various forms” since 1897, and the

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~Toni Morrison

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