Touchstone, Viterbo University

Issue 75 review by jessica gilchrist (susquehanna university ’15) and sarah gzemski (susquehanna university ’13) Black shoots of grass curl around the bottom of a flash-animated scene in which a boy sits in a tree swing and a girl flies a kite in the breeze. This is the menu📷 page which greets online readers of the seventy-fifth issue of Viterbo University’s literary magazine, Touchstone. The editors of Touchstone take pride in providing “an outlet for publications of art, prose and poetry.” Beyond the unique animated cover page, the web pages for the works within the issue are focused on the words and the art. The poetry of Touchstone captures the darker sides of confusion and feeling out

The Blue Route, Widener University

The Blue Route January, 2010 Issue review by amanda santangelo (susquehanna university ’10) Widener University’s online literary magazine, The Blue Route is as good as literary magazines get, with the added perk of unlimited readership on the internet. This concept of an online journal that accepts work from undergraduate writers across the country is extremely enticing for students because the entire internet can view your published work at any point. Adopting its name from the highway of the same name that runs through the suburbs of Philadelphia, The Blue Route’s website states that the name “connotes a certain mood and a certain direction. The Blue Route suggests one possible path to whe

The Shinnery Review

Abilene Christian University Volume XVI (2011) review by abigail hess (susquehanna university ’13) and rebecca james (susquehanna university ’13) While beholding the winding sapling on the cover of the 2011 issue of The Shinnery Review, readers aren’t drawn to its leaves or branches but to the exposed roots. Likewise, this magazine emphasizes the authors and artists who ground and nurture their work. Lit mags often represent a place to introduce new and upcoming authors, and The Shinnery Review surpasses these expectations. Without outside context for each author such as an author bio or graduate status, this magazine gives the reader insight into the authors’ minds instead of a mere introdu

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