The Allegheny Review

Allegheny College Volume 29 Review by emily crawford (susquehanna university ’15) and nicole redinski (susquehanna university ’13) The Allegheny Review is one of America’s first nationwide literary magazines devoted to publishing undergraduate works of poetry and prose. Published annually out of Allegheny College, the journal’s twenty-ninth volume showcases characters who are travelers of many different kinds and how they find themselves in the end. Michael Winn expresses this best in his prose piece, “Yesterday is a Stupid Name for a Song,” when he writes, “Migration is the only way we can know where home is.” This theme throughout the issue reveals how important movement is in defining a p

Manhattan College, Manhattan Magazine

Spring 2009 (Volume 19) Review by Autumn Walck (Susquehanna University '12) Manhattan Magazine paints itself with as much passion inside the pages as is found on the graffiti of the building on the front cover. “Sometimes, I feel like a broken toy…each time increasing the fragility,” begins the first poem “Broken Toy” by Maura Kate Costello. Her words set the tone for the collection of the pieces inside of the magazine. They all flow with a connection to your heartstrings like the tumultuous love between two adolescents that end their romance in tragedy from Kevin Vachna’s story, “Killing Regina McAlister.” Vachna writes, “Shutting the door, she kissed hungrily at my mouth, the loaded gun, u

Outrageous Fortunes

spring 2011 issue Reviewed by Michael Fiorilla (Susquehanna University '12) and Christopher Ridriguez (Susquehanna University '12) The spring 2011 issue of Mary Baldwin College’s national online literary magazine, Outrageous Fortune, greets its reader with a stark, minimalist presentation, beneath which lies a heart of turmoil. This dichotomy, a placid surface masking confusion and fear, is mirrored in the writing featured in the issue. The journal casts a wide net in securing its content, offering fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. Outrageous Fortune is a journal that, like each of its pieces, has a lot to offer lurking just beneath the surface. Margery Bayne’s essay, “I

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