Note for the Future Editor of the FUSE National Website

Courtesy of Kelsey Diven, Spring 2022 intern

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep record of everything you do. Even if it's just sending out an email to someone, keep record of it.

  • ​Consistency is very important. A lot of pages on here aren't super consistent. Familiarize yourself with fonts, font colors, and font sizes. This comes with practice and time, but it's definitely a helpful tool to keep mindful of. This website uses Museo/Museo Slab for its fonts, and its theme colors are typically at the top of the color selector. If it helps you, write it down. 

  • Many pages function more or less the same. The only one that is different is the Interviews and Reviews page. You might not have to use this page, but you might. It's formatted like a Wix blog. As such, instead of creating new pages or moving boxes around, you would be adding posts. 

  • The website is a living, constantly evolving document. You will be moving things around constantly. This is usually not too bothersome. But sometimes it is. For example, the Affiliated Lit Mag directory is a pain to add to. It may change, but there will always be some frustration when something doesn't work exactly like it's supposed to. Take a deep breath, count to ten, and try again. 

    • The affiliated page is a problem child. I have tinkered with it endlessly and it still hates me. Here's how to edit it now, though. When you click the container for the affil page it will say "Manage Repeater". Click this. You will be able to go through each section (1-40) and see which number certain universities are. Find where you want to place it and click "Copy Section" and it should insert a section underneath it. You will have to change around the images, but it is currently the best way I could find to make this work. Good luck. 

  • It's okay to not know how to do something. Wix is relatively user friendly, but certain skills aren't inherent. Google is your best friend. Wix has great information on how to do different tasks. If it's super specific or something is glitching and doesn't want to listen to you, the Wix Expert Chat is an amazing tool. There's nothing wrong with not being an expert! 

  • Check everything. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with every page at the start of your internship. Write down what you would change. Write down what you think you want to see more of. Every few weeks, go through again. Look at every page. 

  • Each week Catherine will give you a handful of things to do. Do more if you have time. She appreciates it and any future interns will too. 

  • Write down any questions that come up. I promise you won't remember them when you meet with Catherine. You'll tell yourself that you have it locked in. You don't. If you find something that you're not sure what to do with, or you want to double check with Catherine before changing, either email her or write it down in your notes to discuss. 

  • Check the Inbox every two weeks, at least. Often, there will be nothing. You will get the occasional message, and it's important to be timely in your correspondence. Messages that you can't handle directly should be forwarded to Catherine. Example: Someone wants to register their school as part of FUSE. Record the name, email, and the body of their message and send it immediately to Catherine. If it's something regarding the FUSE Website, fix it immediately and send a response thanking them for reaching out and letting them know that the issue has been resolved. 


 FUSE Website Edits


Fall 2022 - Emily Hizny



  • Attended “How to Publication” and wrote down some suggestions about the challenge for next year 

  • Provided feedback on the conference itself and recommendations for next year 


  • Received an email from Ginger that she couldn’t make it to the lit mag challenge after all 

  • Moved Ellie from layout back to design again because of that 

  • So the roles and people involved ended up being: 

    • Managing Editors: 

      • Gabrielle Troutman (she/her) - Appalachian State University ‘23 

      • Ciana Bowers (she/her) - Widener University ‘23 

    • Designer: 

      • Ellie Pasquale (she/her) - Susquehanna University ‘24 

    • Copyeditors: 

      • Madelyn DeMatt (she/her) - Susquehanna University ‘26 

      • Hannah Mackey (she/they) - Susquehanna University ‘23 

    • Layout Editor: 

      • Amber Watkin (she/her) - Susquehanna University ‘24 

    • Social Media Manager: 

      • Maureen DiGiovanni (she/her) - Calumet College of St. Joseph ‘23 

  • Attended the 2022 FUSE Digital Conference: 

    • Welcome to “How to This, That, and the Other Thing” 

    • “How to Social Media” 

    • “How to Find Contributors & Choose Submissions” 

    • “How to Submit Work” 

    • “How to Post-Graduate" 

    • Presented the Guidelines to the “24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge” 

  • Took screenshots throughout the conference 

  • Emailed the FUSE National Instagram login to Maureen 

  • Emailed the list of conference attendees’ emails to Gabrielle and Ciana 

  • Replied to Maureen to contact Ellie about getting into the account, and to contact her team about what to post on Instagram 

  • Attended the Open Mic 

  • Performed at the Open Mic 


  • Cross-referenced the website form with my google form to find out why (according to Dr. Dent) 10 people signed up for the lit mag challenge when I only had 5 

  • Emailed Dr. Dent back about why – because they either missed the deadline or didn’t follow instructions to fill out the additional google form, and reminded her that she did not send out the emails with the Zoom links to the attendees like we discussed 

  • Replied to Dr. Dent about my next plan of action for including the new people 

  • Discovered that one name was a professor (Alison Bennett Dyche) who filled out the event sign-up form on behalf of her students, and I received a response on the google form only from a student (Gabrielle Troutman) from the same university (Appalachian State University), so I didn’t have to contact her 

  • Emailed Ginger DeLussey (SU), Sydnie Howard (SU), and Ciana Bowers (Widener) about filling out the google form ASAP if they were still interested in participating 

  • Received responses from Ginger and Ciana 

  • Replied to Dr. Dent about how the team was going to reach out to attendees for submissions – I was going to send them the emails of all the attendees after the challenge began (which I had already stated in the email to the participants that I CC’d her on, and that she’d responded to) 

  • Forwarded the email with the challenge info I sent on Wednesday to Ginger and Ciana 

  • Reshuffled the roles to account for the new people 

  • Emailed the whole team about the change 

  • Sent the names and emails of the open mic performers to Haley 

  • Removed a panelist from the “How to Social Media” panel since something popped up and he couldn’t present 

  • Wrote some notes of what to say during the Guidelines to the “24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge” 

  • Heard that Hannah and the other two people on Ellie’s panel didn’t receive the email with the Zoom links that Dr. Dent sent out 

  • So I emailed all 80 participants myself with the Zoom links to make sure everyone got them and no one fell through the cracks (since everyone who wanted to go should be able to go, and just in case someone didn’t receive the links and had no one to ask for them) 


  • Edited and sent the email to challenge participants 

  • Advertised the conference during the FUSE meeting 


  • Learned that Haley couldn’t make it to the challenge 

  • Asked Ellie or Amber if they’d be willing to take on design, Ellie was ok with it 

  • Finalized everyone’s roles for the challenge 


  • Added a deadline for “24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge” participation at the end of the general Event Sign-Up form and on my own google form for choosing roles 

  • Looked at the responses to the google form 

  • Sorted a few people into roles based on interest and making sure each position is filled 

  • Asked Ellie for advice about the dilemma of who to move to copyediting (Managing Editor and Layout both had two people with a second choice of copyediting, which role would be ok only having one person? Answer: Layout since Ellie was happy to move from layout to copyediting) 

  • Drafted a long email to the challenge participants with a little introduction from me, an explanation of the advised timeline, their assigned roles, the plan for my “Guidelines” to the challenge, and the plan for the discussion on Saturday 


  • Downloaded the CSV file with all the responses to the Event Sign-Up form (so that Dr. Dent can send a mass email with the Zoom links before the conference) 


  • Met with Dr. Dent


  • Sent the list of conference attendees to Dr. Dent 

  • Added the border box around the title of the Want to Host the Next FUSE Conference page 

  • Changed the background color of the word bubble box (technically called a caption in newspaper editing I think) 

  • Changed the font to Museo  

  • Adjusted the size of the text inside 

  • Added a border to match the design on the FAQ page 

  • Added the border box around the title of the Affiliated Lit Mag Directory 

  • Added the border box around the title of the Lit Mag Directory page itself (Undergraduate Literary Magazine Directory) (if you click it on the banner rather than one of the drop down pages) 

  • Changed the font to Museo 

  • Adjusted the text size 

  • Linked the Affiliated Lit Mags & Journals button to the correct page 

  • Made the button text bigger 

  • Changed the font on the fields of the Contact Us form to Museo 

  • Changes the font on the fields of the form on the Home page to Museo 

  • Added a shadow on the title text of the Home page form to make it more readable 


  • Reminded FUSE members to sign up for the conference 

  • Talked to Sarah about the registration process for the internship 

  • Added the SU students who signed up for the conference into an email to Dr. Dent 

  • Tried to track down one student’s last name (who didn’t put it on the form) 

  • Contacted Sarah with specific steps to complete the internship form 

  • Added the names of the panelists to the conference schedule 


  • Filled out my own form for the conference lol 

  • Drafted an email with the list of SU’s conference attendees so far 

  • Replied to Shanae Vanmoore that Violet Margin has been added to the Lit Mag directory 

  • Got rid of two misplaced periods on the directory page 

  • Added the border box around the title of the Next Year’s FUSE Conference page 

  • Changed the font of the text in the banner box 

  • Changed the size of the text which messed with the size and shape of the box’s different layers 

  • Fixed the layers of the banner box


  • Reminded the FUSE exec to fill out the conference event sign-up form  

  • Asked Amber to send out a reminder email to club members about it 

  • Tried to modify the text on the Adding Your Publications page but it didn’t want to listen 

  • Created a new textbox and started from scratch with the guidelines 

  • Condensed repetitive language and put the different sections as bullet points instead of the first thing on the page 

  • Experimented with center aligning the text 

  • Returned the text to left alignment and added more contrast between headings and bullet points 

  • Changed the font on the form fields to Museo 

  • Made each type of journal the same color as the top of the directory page 


  • Looked through the new messages (people submitting the event sign-up form) 

  • Added University of Illinois Springfield and its lit mag Violet Margin to the lit mag directory 

  • Finally figured out how the staff member of that magazine submitted to a form on an invisible page – because we linked that page to the top of the directory for people to add a magazine (just kept skimming past it by accident) 

  • Changed the center of the Adding Your Publication page to white instead of the background 

  • Added a border box around the title 

  • Adjusted the font size 

  • Adjusted the centering of the title boxes on other pages 

  • Changed the font of the instructions to Museo 

  • Made the font size smaller 

  • Contacted Amber about adding a reminder of the event sign-up form to the FUSE minutes 


  • Updated the conference schedule to include the beginning Welcome segment 

  • Added a question about the Open Mic to the form 

  • Added to the message at the end of the form that people who sign-up to participate in the open mic will receive an email from the organizers (Haley) to choose their spot in the order 

  • Contacted Haley about this plan, and to tell her to remind me to give her the emails of those who want to perform 

  • Added the Zoom links from Dr. C 

  • Changed the language of event registration to event sign-up on the Home page, Lightbox, 2022 Conference Page, and Payment Page 

  • Added a button on the Conference Page and on the Payment page (also linked the text event sign-up form to the password protected page with the form) 

  • Linked the 2022 Conference Sign-Up page on the Home page and the Lightbox 

  • Changed the color of the first page’s questions when you hover over them to match the theme and other questions 


  • Changed the release of the event sign-up form on the Home page, Lightbox, 2022 Conference Page, and Payment page from the 15th to the 17th since Dr. C said to wait 


  • Met with Dr. Dent 

  • Emailed Dr. C about the schedule he shared during the conference committee meeting 


  • Made a new event registration form from scratch 

  • It looked super cool but there was no way to add another sheet to the form (I looked it up and the only way is through coding it, so really not sure how we got the one from 2020, but that one had multiple pages in it) 

  • Attended the conference planning meeting with Haley and Dr. C 

  • Got rid of my form :( and duplicated the one from 2020 

  • Password protected the page the form is on – 2022 Conference Event Registration 

  • Did a lot of fiddling and rearranging 

  • Updated the color scheme and font 

  • Added a section for pronouns on the first page  

  • Changed the old panel titles and times to the new ones 

  • Got rid of irrelevant questions 

  • Added one about the Lit Mag challenge 

  • Condensed it to two pages instead of three 

  • Modified the message at the end to have the zoom links (waiting on those) and the link to the “24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge” sign-up


  • Presented about the conference with Ellie during the FUSE meeting and gave a tour of the national website 


  • Deleted the above portion of the 2022 FUSE Conference Page 

  • Made the description smaller and Museo font 

  • Put the title in a border box like the other pages 

  • Moved the schedule underneath the description 

  • Changed the color of the border box around the schedule 

  • Changed the schedule font to Museo 

  • Added the “24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge” description underneath the schedule 

  • Put the circle slides underneath the description 

  • Changed the wording of “this form” to “event registration” 

  • Changed the wording of “registration” to “event registration” on the payment page to refer to the upcoming password protected form (of which events people will attend) 

  • Changed the font on the payment page to Museo 

  • Adjusted the box about the conference on the Home page to say that the event registration form will be available on the 15th 

  • Evened out the boxes on the Home page 

  • Changed the lightbox to also say event registration will be available the 15th 


  • Got rid of the sliver of white space on the Home page 

  • Centered the text above the contact form at the bottom of the page 

  • Made the email line of the contact form longer to match the rest of it 

  • Changed the color of the title and success text to match the website theme 

  • Made the Toni Morrison quote centered on the bottom and centered the Contact Us button 

  • Added more white space at the bottom of the Mission and History page 

  • Adjusted the boxes on the National Board page 

  • Changed the font on the Join FUSE National page to Museo 

  • Made the titles bigger 

  • Changed the title box to match the other pages 

  • Changed the font to Museo on the FUSE Caucus at AWP page 

  • Adjusted the spacing of the title on the 2023 FUSE Conference page 

  • Changed the font to Museo and adjusted the boxes accordingly for each FUSE Box page 

  • Changed the font to Museo on the FUSE Conference Archives page 

  • Wrote an email to Dr. Dent to run one of the slides for Wednesday by her and to ask if I could share the password to the event sign-up form (since SU is registered? to FUSE National) 


  • Met with Ellie to create the presentation for Wednesday on the history of FUSE, the upcoming conference, and the website 

  • Sent her the universities who have registered so she can follow their lit mags on Instagram 

  • Outlined with her the posts we should have going up soon 


  • Investigated the different forms on the Forms & Submissions sidebar under Communications 

  • Renamed the Contact VP of Membership form to Home Page Contact Form 

  • Renamed the Contact 2 form to Adding Your Publication (since it corresponds to that currently invisible page) 

  • Deleted the Contact form since it corresponded to the old Contact Us page, deleted that page too since the new one works 

  • Went through the inbox and deleted spam messages 

  • Archived messages from last semester/year that were actually real 

  • Discovered that there’s an extremely long list of messages in the inbox that are copies of when people filled out the colloquium event form in 2020, there’s definitely above 50 so I think the Wix inbox caps the sidebar number there, and they appeared after I went through the other ones so hopefully this clears up why it keeps saying 50 messages 


  • Met with Dr. Dent 


  • Emailed the 24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge Advised Timeline to Dr. C

  • Copied the form from the previous Contact Us page and put it on the new one

  • Made everything centered

  • Added the border box from the Buy FUSE Merch page around the Contact Us title

  • Changed the color of the message after submitting the form to be a color in the website's theme

  • Sent a message through the form (titled Contact Us) to test it

  • Poked around the Wix dashboard to find where the forms are (under Communications on the sidebar)

  • Found my message - Success!

  • Centered all the text on the FAQ page

  • Changed the font from Museo Slab to Museo

  • Updated the color scheme of the title border box to match the Buy FUSE Merch page

  • Gave the textboxes a lighter background panel just like the title border box

  • Made the text darker so now it looks easier on the eyes


  • Met with the FUSE exec and discussed the 24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge

  • Gave them a rundown of the conference

  • Tried to figure out how to make the center of the page white on the Contact Us page

  • Couldn't figure it out so I copied a page with the white center and created a new Contact Us page


  • Met with Ellie to discuss FUSE National's social media

  • Sent Dr. Dent an email about going over the digital conference and the FUSE website at next week's FUSE meeting

  • Changed the language on the conference page to make it clearer that we want people to be on the panels we created, not create their own

  • Added the panelist deadline extension to the Lightbox on the Home page

  • Realized the X disappeared from the Lightbox so I added it back in

  • Replaced the screenshot of the FUSE merch site with a new one (that doesn't have anyone's heads cut off)


  • Added to the 2022 Conference page when the panelists will hear back about their submissions

  • Emailed availability to the Conference Committee

  • Reached out to Ellie about FUSE National social media

  • Reached out to Ellie about taking over our presentation day in FUSE next week to talk about the website

  • Added quotes around the panel titles and the challenge on the lit mag challenge documents

  • Sent description and advised timeline to the FUSE exec for feedback, also reminded them of the conference's call for panelists


  • Updated the deadline for conference panelist submissions

  • Put quotes around the panel titles on the schedule


  • Met with Dr. Dent


  • Created a new page under About - Buy FUSE Merch

  • Fiddled with the slideshow on the Home page

  • Went to the merch website itself and took a screenshot

  • Uploaded the screenshot to the Buy FUSE Merch page

  • Added a title box with the link to the website

  • Fiddled with the text and textbox cover

  • Created the Advised Timeline for the 24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge


  • Put the anchors back over their correct universities

  • Linked the Bucknell logo in the Affiliated Undergraduate Publications to its section on the Undergraduate Student Journals page

  • Adjusted the anchors to make the universities be at the top of the linked page without being cut off


  • Made the size of the university names consistent

  • Went back through the space between paragraphs and fixed a few that changed


  • Adjusted textbox size on the journals page

  • Put textboxes up against each other

  • Fixed minor errors as I found them


  • Fixed the size of the space between paragraphs on the journals page so that it's consistent


  • Fixed the spacing of the journals page


  • Edited challenge description with Ellie's recommendations

  • Scheduled to send the email to Dr. C with the description

  • Scheduled to send an email to Dr. Dent about if we're having a meeting this week

  • Worked on the spacing of the journals page some more


  • Continued changing the font to Museo

  • Edited the 24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge description

  • Sent it to Haley and Ellie

  • Added a specification about submitting that Haley recommended

  • Drafted an email to Dr. C

  • Finished changing font to Museo

  • Began adjusting the spacing on the Undergraduate Student Journals page so that it's consistent (Custom - 1.4)


  • Began changing the font of the Undergraduate Student Journals page from Museo Slab to Museo


  • Met with Dr. Dent


  • Reached out to Jena for the link to Apprentice Writer

  • Reached out to Amber for the link to The Squirrel

  • Added both to the Undergraduate Student Journals page

  • Wrote official description and guidelines for the 24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge


  • Talked to Ellie about making a new Twitter (no idea how to recover the old one and it's super old anyway) and making the website's Home page logo the profile picture for those

  • Tracked down the file for the logo and sent it to Ellie

  • Added Cal Poly Humboldt to the Member list for 2020-2021

  • Fixed the overlapping text on the Member page and made the lists more aesthetically consistent

  • Determined that there is no lit mag called IU East, IU East is the specific Indiana University that has the magazine Tributaries which is on the website journal list

  • Investigated the lit mag Sit Lux from Tusculum University but couldn't find anything about it except for a Facebook post that says it exists but there's no link/info about it anywhere


  • Investigated the list of lit mags present at the FUSE Caucus and wrote down who needed to be added

  • Researched IU East and couldn't find it


  • Wrote email to Tony Zitta about getting the FUSE Exec into the practicum section

  • Corrected typo and adjusted spacing on the Registration & Payment Page

  • Specified the timing of the panels on the schedule (45 minutes with 15 minute breaks between)

  • Updated the club constitution

  • Sent the constitution to the FUSE Exec

  • Worked on the Lit Mag Challenge Guidelines


  • Created the 2022 Digital Conference Payment and Registration Page

  • Combined the Individual and Institution paragraphs

  • Added the link to the payment form from Marie Hassinger to the page

  • Added a button on the 2022 FUSE Conference page that linked to the payment page

  • Scrapped the old Lightbox and started over

  • Added a better Lightbox to the Home page which also links to the payment page

  • Emailed Dr. Dent with progress report

  • Created a Sign-Up google form for the challenge


  • Drafted a timeline for the 24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge

  • Created a Lightbox for the Home page for conference registration


  • Met with Dr. Dent


  • Switched the FUSE Box to have the newest event on top of the drop-down list

  • Put my name as the Website Manager for the National Board


  • Discussed the club constitution with FUSE Exec

  • Reached out to Ellie about social media for the conference


  • Read the club constitution

  • Copied the constitution onto a document

  • Edited it for grammar and inconsistencies

  • Made AWP Archives Page visible and on the Conferences drop-down list


  • Reached out to Hannah & FUSE Exec about updating the club constitution


  • Caught this page and my own notes up on what I've been up to

  • Differentiated events between Summer and Fall timeframes and

  • Added the name of the corresponding intern for each list


  • Reviewed Dr. Dent's email to other university departments about the conference

  • Wrote a description of the 24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge

  • Emailed it to the planning crew (Dr. Dent, Dr. C, Haley, and Ellie)


  • Met with Dr. Dent

8/30 & 9/1

  • Clicked through all the pages except for the Undergraduate Student Journals page and checked that the links worked

  • Recorded things to fix/inquire about

Summer 2022 - Emily Hizny


  • Attended conference planning meeting


  • Replied to Dr. C's email about choosing a time for the next planning meeting

  • Replied to Dr. Dent's emails about a time for the weekly meeting during the semester


  • Explored the website


  • Meet with Dr. Dent

  • Emailed her, Dr. C, Ellie, and Haley with the link to our call for panelists


  • Rearranged the FAQ page


  • Added call for panelist instructions to 2022 Conference page

  • Changed the title on conference page to be Digital Conference instead of Event

  • Changed right hand box on Home Page to include the call for panelists and linked it to the 2022 Conference page

  • Edited panel names on 2022 Conference page


  • Attended 2022 FUSE Conference planning meeting 


  • Reformatted the event info boxes on the home page

  • Changed the membership cost on the Members page from $150 to $50 for 2022-2023

  • Edited the "How To Start Your Own FUSE Chapter" document and reuploaded it to the link in the FAQ page under "How do we become a member and why should we?"


  • Added more information to the home page about the June planning session for the virtual 2022 FUSE event at Widener in the fall


Spring 2022 - Kelsey Diven


  • Added transcript to criswell interview

  • Updated interview zach emailed me about

  • Fixed spacing for affil page


  • Emailed zach shiffman

  • Emailed tony zitta

  • Finished emily criswell transcript


  • Went through lit mag directory and added missing mags from affil page

  • Added anchors

  • Hyperlinked affil pics to anchors


  • Uploaded interviews (scheduled)

  • Went through url links and edited them


  • Worked on redoing affil page


  • Edited affil page with strips now

  • Added uni wisconsin– milwaulkee to affil 


  • Added page with tips, tricks, and all edits for future editors (That's this page! Hello!)


  • Updated FUSE Archives page to go in reverse chronological order

  • Started adding additional lit mags to affil directory (up to hawai'i) 

  • Removed all parentheticals 


  • Updated all home page mentions of AWP

  • Updated awp page under conferences 

  • Went through lit mags on affil page and found other lit mags

  • Compiled info on additional lit mags


  • Created fuse page for suny geneseo 2023 (hidden)

  • Deleted quotations from affil page

  • Bold highlighted titles of lit mags from affil page 


  • Met with emily hizny and discussed FUSE internship 

    • Hey Emily!​


  • Saw Sarah Ledet’s email about the mixup

  • Emailed Emily Hizny


  • Fixed interviews home page, double checked mobile compatibility of page

  • Fixed vp of whatever to web manager

  • Fixed suny geneseo 

  • Someone else adjusted the home page? → ???

  • Emailed sarah ledet

  • Moved suny’s to ‘S’ alphabetically

  • Added people to fuse national members


  • Updated affil lit mag to include all 

  • Reached out to social media for reviews


  • Changed abigail st cloud to abigail cloud

  • Adjusted FUSEBox to associate with Bowling Green + MidAmerican Review

  • Reviewed messages, one wanted Vanderbilt updated and I did so


  • Realized i did not figure out font color

  • Reached out to Wix support (shout out to Sofia, very helpful) and was able to fix the background/font color

  • Scheduled all blog posts and contacted Zach with the posting schedule

  • Formatted blog posts so that there was no overlapping text/excess blank space on the bottom

  • Fixed social media links on blog posts to lead to FUSE and not Wix

  • Added instagram to social media in footer across all pages

  • Updated homepage rolling images to have working hyperlinks (interviews/reviews), updated final slide to promote AWP 

  • Adjusted national board to make it easier to add to


  • Figured out how to do font color (i think) 

  • Scheduled blog posts for arin, hannah mackey, zach shiffman, emily criswell


  • Went through each page to check for mobile aesthetics (many were REAL bad)


  • Added description and links to FUSEBox home page for V, adjusted anchors

  • Updated conference pages to reflect most recent information 

  • Updated members page to include colleges, updated payment info, worked on formatting 

  • Added “thanks to” for previous fuse nat’l members

  • About page fixed for formatting (font, color, size shape/color)


  • Added years to FUSEBox 5

  • Adjusted fuse box anchors for mobile



  • Updated home page to link to fusebox highlighting 2020 coll 

  • Volume V (still needs work)

  • Deleted box on about page (was ugly and made it hard to read)

  • Adjusted spacing on FAQ Page

  • Updated Members Page to include 2021-2022 Members

  • Deleted box on conferences (ugly, hard to read)


  • Finished 2020 conference matching format to 2019

  • Changed name of page to FUSE conference online (under conferences)

  • Added 2020 Fuse information to fuse box front page and added button hyperlink to main page

  • Adjusted fusebox top buttons to go to individual fusebox websites instead of just moving down the page

  • Updated AWP page to advertise information abt 2022

  • Added chat to AWP Archives


  • Finished affil lit mags, published site


  • Researched affiliated lit mags and universities, redid entire page because it wouldn’t be easily adjusted with alphabetical order 


  • Adjusted formatting for lit mag directory for uniformity


  • Reviewed directory for color coding accuracy and added title (i.e. campus journal) next to magazines when applicable


  • Searched each lit mag and fixed links (bolded are completed)


  • Reviewed links on lit mag directory and noted broken links


  • Added Folio Magazine, Dazed Starling, Aurora, and Driftwood to lit mag directory 

  • Fixed overlapping text on directory page


  • Home page

    • Added information about FUSE caucus at AWP on banner and in box, added hyperlinks to AWP website in both (AWP 2022, “there”)

  • Reviewed inbox and took note of important messages

  • Fixed issue with Augusta University’s lit mag description