Note for the Future Editor of the FUSE National Website

Courtesy of Kelsey Diven, Spring 2022 intern

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep record of everything you do. Even if it's just sending out an email to someone, keep record of it.

  • ​Consistency is very important. A lot of pages on here aren't super consistent. Familiarize yourself with fonts, font colors, and font sizes. This comes with practice and time, but it's definitely a helpful tool to keep mindful of. This website uses Museo/Museo Slab for its fonts, and its theme colors are typically at the top of the color selector. If it helps you, write it down. 

  • Many pages function more or less the same. The only one that is different is the Interviews and Reviews page. You might not have to use this page, but you might. It's formatted like a Wix blog. As such, instead of creating new pages or moving boxes around, you would be adding posts. 

  • The website is a living, constantly evolving document. You will be moving things around constantly. This is usually not too bothersome. But sometimes it is. For example, the Affiliated Lit Mag directory is a pain to add to. It may change, but there will always be some frustration when something doesn't work exactly like it's supposed to. Take a deep breath, count to ten, and try again. 

    • The affiliated page is a problem child. I have tinkered with it endlessly and it still hates me. Here's how to edit it now, though. When you click the container for the affil page it will say "Manage Repeater". Click this. You will be able to go through each section (1-40) and see which number certain universities are. Find where you want to place it and click "Copy Section" and it should insert a section underneath it. You will have to change around the images, but it is currently the best way I could find to make this work. Good luck. 

  • It's okay to not know how to do something. Wix is relatively user friendly, but certain skills aren't inherent. Google is your best friend. Wix has great information on how to do different tasks. If it's super specific or something is glitching and doesn't want to listen to you, the Wix Expert Chat is an amazing tool. There's nothing wrong with not being an expert! 

  • Check everything. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with every page at the start of your internship. Write down what you would change. Write down what you think you want to see more of. Every few weeks, go through again. Look at every page. 

  • Each week Catherine will give you a handful of things to do. Do more if you have time. She appreciates it and any future interns will too. 

  • Write down any questions that come up. I promise you won't remember them when you meet with Catherine. You'll tell yourself that you have it locked in. You don't. If you find something that you're not sure what to do with, or you want to double check with Catherine before changing, either email her or write it down in your notes to discuss. 

  • Check the Inbox every two weeks, at least. Often, there will be nothing. You will get the occasional message, and it's important to be timely in your correspondence. Messages that you can't handle directly should be forwarded to Catherine. Example: Someone wants to register their school as part of FUSE. Record the name, email, and the body of their message and send it immediately to Catherine. If it's something regarding the FUSE Website, fix it immediately and send a response thanking them for reaching out and letting them know that the issue has been resolved. 

    FUSE Website Edits (Spring 2022)


  • Added more information to the home page about the June planning session for the virtual 2022 FUSE event at Widener in the fall


  • Added transcript to criswell interview

  • Updated interview zach emailed me about

  • Fixed spacing for affil page


  • Emailed zach shiffman

  • Emailed tony zitta

  • Finished emily criswell transcript


  • Went through lit mag directory and added missing mags from affil page

  • Added anchors

  • Hyperlinked affil pics to anchors


  • Uploaded interviews (scheduled)

  • Went through url links and edited them


  • Worked on redoing affil page


  • Edited affil page with strips now

  • Added uni wisconsin– milwaulkee to affil 


  • Added page with tips, tricks, and all edits for future editors (That's this page! Hello!)


  • Updated FUSE Archives page to go in reverse chronological order

  • Started adding additional lit mags to affil directory (up to hawai'i) 

  • Removed all parentheticals 


  • Updated all home page mentions of AWP

  • Updated awp page under conferences 

  • Went through lit mags on affil page and found other lit mags

  • Compiled info on additional lit mags


  • Created fuse page for suny geneseo 2023 (hidden)

  • Deleted quotations from affil page

  • Bold highlighted titles of lit mags from affil page 


  • Met with emily hizny and discussed FUSE internship 

    • Hey Emily!​


  • Saw Sarah Ledet’s email about the mixup

  • Emailed Emily Hizny


  • Fixed interviews home page, double checked mobile compatibility of page

  • Fixed vp of whatever to web manager

  • Fixed suny geneseo 

  • Someone else adjusted the home page? → ???

  • Emailed sarah ledet

  • Moved suny’s to ‘S’ alphabetically

  • Added people to fuse national members


  • Updated affil lit mag to include all 

  • Reached out to social media for reviews


  • Changed abigail st cloud to abigail cloud

  • Adjusted FUSEBox to associate with Bowling Green + MidAmerican Review

  • Reviewed messages, one wanted Vanderbilt updated and I did so


  • Realized i did not figure out font color

  • Reached out to Wix support (shout out to Sofia, very helpful) and was able to fix the background/font color

  • Scheduled all blog posts and contacted Zach with the posting schedule

  • Formatted blog posts so that there was no overlapping text/excess blank space on the bottom

  • Fixed social media links on blog posts to lead to FUSE and not Wix

  • Added instagram to social media in footer across all pages

  • Updated homepage rolling images to have working hyperlinks (interviews/reviews), updated final slide to promote AWP 

  • Adjusted national board to make it easier to add to


  • Figured out how to do font color (i think) 

  • Scheduled blog posts for arin, hannah mackey, zach shiffman, emily criswell


  • Went through each page to check for mobile aesthetics (many were REAL bad)


  • Added description and links to FUSEBox home page for V, adjusted anchors

  • Updated conference pages to reflect most recent information 

  • Updated members page to include colleges, updated payment info, worked on formatting 

  • Added “thanks to” for previous fuse nat’l members

  • About page fixed for formatting (font, color, size shape/color)


  • Added years to FUSEBox 5

  • Adjusted fuse box anchors for mobile



  • Updated home page to link to fusebox highlighting 2020 coll 

  • Volume V (still needs work)

  • Deleted box on about page (was ugly and made it hard to read)

  • Adjusted spacing on FAQ Page

  • Updated Members Page to include 2021-2022 Members

  • Deleted box on conferences (ugly, hard to read)


  • Finished 2020 conference matching format to 2019

  • Changed name of page to FUSE conference online (under conferences)

  • Added 2020 Fuse information to fuse box front page and added button hyperlink to main page

  • Adjusted fusebox top buttons to go to individual fusebox websites instead of just moving down the page

  • Updated AWP page to advertise information abt 2022

  • Added chat to AWP Archives


  • Finished affil lit mags, published site


  • Researched affiliated lit mags and universities, redid entire page because it wouldn’t be easily adjusted with alphabetical order 


  • Adjusted formatting for lit mag directory for uniformity


  • Reviewed directory for color coding accuracy and added title (i.e. campus journal) next to magazines when applicable


  • Searched each lit mag and fixed links (bolded are completed)


  • Reviewed links on lit mag directory and noted broken links


  • Added Folio Magazine, Dazed Starling, Aurora, and Driftwood to lit mag directory 

  • Fixed overlapping text on directory page


  • Home page

    • Added information about FUSE caucus at AWP on banner and in box, added hyperlinks to AWP website in both (AWP 2022, “there”)

  • Reviewed inbox and took note of important messages

  • Fixed issue with Augusta University’s lit mag description