NEW: 2020 FUSE Colloquium

In the era of the coronavirus, we must reimagine our community spaces, figuratively and literally.

SPECIAL NOTE: To help plan the Colloquium, we are holding conferences with students and faculty. All are welcome, both FUSE members and guests. If you are interested in attending these planning sessions, please email Catherine Dent at

This November 5-7, FUSE members and guests would have traveled to SUNY Geneseo for a conference designed to examine how literary journals offer a community space for writers and readers, posing questions such as, "How has the conversation changed, expanded, or diversified?" and "How has the changing world impacted the conversation?" and "What will this conversation sound/look/feel like tomorrow?"


The lens has changed: we are now facing restrictions on travel, work, commerce, education, and many other aspects of the human experience. Yet the community forged through art and literature remains important to our well-being. We will keep this focus for the 2021 FUSE conference to be hosted by SUNY Geneseo, but in lieu of having a conference this November, we will address some of these questions (and more) in a virtual one-day colloquium for undergraduate student editors and writers, and their faculty advisors. At this colloquium, members will share best practices, receive advice from professionals in the publishing field, and network with other students as we always have. To take advantage of the digital nature of this conference we will also preserve many of the panels and lectures through recording and make them permanently available on our website. 

To have your institution become a FUSE member and get involved in planning the colloquium, please contact Catherine Dent via her email,

“Writing without revising is the literary equivalent of waltzing gaily out of the house in your underwear.” 

-Patricia Fuller

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