The FUSE Box

A Journal of the Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the online publication of the Forum for Undergraduate Student Editor (FUSE), The FUSE Box.  This publication showcases the creative and scholarly output from each year’s FUSE members across the country.

On this site, you will find creative works, content from panels presented at the annual FUSE conference, and reflections by undergraduate editors, with each volume embodying the theme of that year's conference.

The Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors

The Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors (FUSE) is a national organization that provides a network for undergraduate student editors and writers and their faculty advisers. An important part of FUSE’s mission is to improve channels of communication between editors of undergraduate literary magazines and to foster discussion on the improvement of the undergraduate literary community. 

Each year, FUSE holds a national conference at a host institution. Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate in panels, lectures, readings, and the business meeting.

In addition, FUSE hosts a caucus at the annual American Writers and Writing Programs conference to update members, welcome new members, and hold a roundtable discussion of a selected topic.

FUSE Conferences 


Widener University hosted the seventh annual FUSE conference November 7-9. It will feature a story-slam keynote presentation and workshop, student and faculty panel presentations and discussions, a journal showcase, an open mic, and even a few “unconference” sessions that will give attendees a chance to set part of the agenda for the conference when they arrive.


Susquehanna University hosted the sixth annual FUSE conference November 1-3. Students from FUSE chapters across the states gathered together to discuss what resilience means as young writers and editors, exploring these ideas through master classes, workshops, open mics, publication, and more.


Cabrini University hosted the fifth annual FUSE conference from November 2-4, 2017. The three-day conference brought together about 60 students from 13 universities for a series of writing and editing workshops and panels centered around the theme of representation and resistance.

The conference aimed to display the importance of understanding “the capacity of literary arts to evoke social change, depict the experiences of underrepresented populations, and protest injustices.” This year, we added writing workshops to the mix of editorial presentations. Each workshop, both writing and editorial, was dedicated to speaking out, finding your voice, and telling one’s story, whether it be through Susquehanna University’s “Feminist Short-Shorts” or SUNY Geneseo’s “Defining Your America.” There were multiple opportunities for the editors to share their work, building upon FUSE's goal of creating a national literary community. Through workshops, open mics, journal showcases, and other events, the editors learned how to express their values while fighting against the harmful ideologies of the current social and political climate.