Adding Your Publications to Our Directory:

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The Directory is currently divided into four sections by category. To qualify for this list, the journal must be staffed primarily by undergraduates.

Section 1:

National Journals for Undergraduate Writers- Journals open to any undergraduate student from any campus.

Section 2:

Campus Journals- Journals that only accept work from students who are a member of the campus the publication is affiliated with. 

Section 3: 

Community Journals- Journals open to members of the publication's affiliated university as well as affiliated or surrounding communities.

Section 4:

Any Writer- Journals, staffed by undergraduate students, that publish work from writers of all ages, not just undergraduate students. 

Required information:

• Name of journal and university affiliation.

• Type of journal (see section descriptions above).

• A link to the journal's website or page (if it has one).

• A brief description:

  • We're requiring each journal have a brief (1 or 2 sentence minimum) description of the journal. These "Journal Bios" can be up to six sentences (or so) long. Our goal is for this directory to be more than a list: an interactive and informative directory of undergraduate journals. (See below for more details.)

• Contact information for the journal, including Faculty Advisor(s) and email addresses.

Optional Information:

These elements may enrich our entry for your journal; feel free to include as much or as little information as you like.

  • Medium (online or print, etc.).

  • Season or month the journal is published

  • Frequency of publication (annually, quarterly, etc.)

  • If you'd like to solicit submissions, you may include brief submission guidelines. The information you give may include but is not limited to:

    • Genres published.

    • Season of submissions. No exact dates please, unless they are the same every year. We do not want to have incorrect information if the dates vary.

    • Link to complete submission guidelines.

    • How to submit with link, email, or address.

  • Journal Bio. This is the place to help us get to know your journal. Information you can include:

    • A brief description.

    • The year of first publication.

    • Claims to fame, general celebrations, or fun facts (ie: "In 2012, Journal celebrated its 50th Issue!").

    • Mission statement or a quote that really captures your journal's heart.

    • Origins of journal name

Note: FUSE National reserves the right to edit any information to ensure that entries are clear, consistent and up to date.
Please enter required information and any optional information into the Message box on the form below, and we will update the Directory. 

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