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The FUSE 2022 Digital Conference was held virtually on November 4th and 5th under the leadership of Widener University. Activities included informational sessions, an open mic, and a pop-up publication (the "24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge") created from works shared at the open mic or submitted by attendees. Attendance was free for FUSE institutional members and $25 for nonmembers. 


How to This, That, and the Other Thing:

FUSE Digital Conference 2022

  Friday, Nov. 4 

12:00-12:05pm (Eastern Daylight Time)

Welcome to "How to This, That, and the Other Thing"


"How to Social Media" featuring:

  • Ellie Pasquale (Susquehanna University)

  • Gabby Norris (Widener University)

  • Claire Doll (Mount Saint Mary’s University)


"How to Find Contributors & Choose Submissions" featuring:

  • Olive Johnson (Augusta University)

  • Julia Grunes (SUNY Geneseo)

  • Sharon Aubrey (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

  • Ciana Bowers (Widener University)

  • Hannah Mackey (Susquehanna University)


"How to Submit Work" featuring:

  • Elizabeth Roos (SUNY Geneseo)

  • Ariana Suits (Franklin & Marshall College)

  • Selena Perez (UCLA)

  • Rachele Salvini (Faculty Moderator; Gettysburg College)


"How to Post-Graduate" featuring:

  • Jess Ram (Susquehanna University alum): MFA path

  • Gabi Esposito (SUNY Geneseo alum): MLS path

  • Alison Cerri (Susquehanna University alum): Publishing program path

  • Emma Irving (Widener University alum): Internship path

  • Ally Butler (Bowling Green State University alum): Marketing/direct employment path 

4:00-4:30pm (EDT)

Guidelines to the "24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge"


Open Mic 

  Saturday, Nov. 5 

7:00-8:30pm (EDT)

"How to Publication" (Discussion of the Lit Mag Challenge)



 FUSE National’s “24-Hour Lit Mag Challenge”


           To forge new connections and celebrate the community of students and universities of FUSE National, we’re going to create a literary magazine to close out the conference this year! But instead of this being a lengthy process stretched over the free time we can find, we’re going to collaboratively tackle the whole thing in 24 hours: choosing a name and mission statement, designing a logo and cover, promoting on social media, submitting and soliciting submissions (from members of the team and conference attendees), selecting pieces, copyediting, and layout. The final product will be published as a PDF on the FUSE National website.  

           An ideal staff will be composed of 11 people and depending on how many attendees express interest there may be more than one magazine. Everyone will fill out a form as part of event registration with their information and preference for what role they would like and work together under the leadership of the Managing Editors from 7 pm November 4th to 7 pm November 5th. The staff will receive an advised timeline for the challenge, but it is up to the Managing Editors and the rest of the team to execute the plan and modify it to fit their needs. Once the time limit is up, the team will meet on Zoom with the conference attendees to discuss the process and showcase what they accomplished. 

           Lend your skills to your favorite part of the process or take on a role you’ve always been curious about while making connections with other passionate literary lovers from a variety of universities. Get ready to join the team, sharpen your skills, and push the limits of publishing in this action-packed post-conference event. Are you ready to take on the challenge? 

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