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“The Progenitor, ACC’s award-winning art and literary magazine, has been in continuous production for more than 40 years.

Founded in 1967 as Thoughtworks, Arapahoe Community College’s Art and Literary Magazine, Progenitor, adopted its current name the next year. The name “progenitor” is from the school motto, “Progenitores Sumus” or “We are the ancestors,” and refers to our responsibility to the coming generations. Synonyms of progenitor include “originator,” “source,” and “root.” The Progenitor records the creative endeavors of our school and community for the enjoyment of this generation and the generations that follow.

Produced every spring, this literary magazine has consistently ranked among the top college literary magazinse in the country, receiving numerous awards for design and content. Progenitor’s 2007 edition was a finalist for a Pacemaker Award, considered the country’s most prestigious award in college media.” – From About section

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