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Le Culte du Moi 

Campus/Community Journals Staffed by Undergraduates

“Le Culte du Moi was founded in the fall of 2002 by a group of GW students, mostly sophomores, who were dissatisfied with the lackluster literary scene on campus.  Many of the soon-to-be editors attended the same creative writing class.  Known for their haughtiness almost as much as they were known for their camaraderie and inseparability, the professor of this poetry class began referring to the group as “le culte du moi”—French for “the cult of me” or “the cult of ego.”  Much like the Russian Formalists or the Whigs before them, the followers of the culte happily adopted this phrase of playful derision, interpreting it as a great compliment and a worthy goal.  Personally inviting some of the best young writers on campus to submit to the new magazine, Le Culte offered to publish not just poetry but “longer stories or essays.”  The guidelines were simple: they would “accept almost anything” provided that it was good.  The inaugural issue eventually included fifteen pieces of poetry, twelve short stories, and an essay by a GW professor.” – from History section

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