FUSE Conference at Widener University    

Will You Look at That?
November 5–7, 2015

Without question, we live in an age of distraction. Texts and tweets, Facebook updates and Snapchat posts. At any given moment, a thousand things seem to vie for our attention. As undergraduate editors, how do we command attention for the work we devote so much time and energy to producing? The theme for this year’s conference—“Will You Look at That?: Aesthetics and the World of Undergraduate Publications”—will address this and other related questions.

The FUSE conference at Widener will take place over three days—November 5, 6 and 7—and feature speakers, student and faculty panel presentations and discussions, a journal showcase, an open mic event, and even a little bit of literary rock-n-roll. On Saturday morning, there will be an optional half-day excursion to the nearby Brandywine Art Museum, which features the work of the Wyeth family of artists.

Widener is able to accommodate about 100 participants for FUSE 2015. Since we’d like to have the broadest possible participation, we will limit registration to five representatives from each institution, at the outset. We’ll keep a waiting list and reassess as we get closer to the registration deadline.

See here for the FUSE 2015 CALL FOR PROPOSALS with extended deadline (the deadline has been extended to SEPTEMBER 25, 2015).  This document also includes information about fees and conference hotel.

See here for the FUSE 2015 REGISTRATION FORM due MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2015.

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