Welcome to FUSE

FUSE is a growing organization geared towards networking student editors, writers and their faculty advisers with the vast world of publishing and editing. If you work with or for an undergraduate literary magazine and would like to get involved with any aspect of FUSE, you have reached the right place!

Under the Reviews tab, you can read reviews of undergraduate journals as well as find information on how to submit your own review, and how to submit your journal to be reviewed. You can check out different interviews FUSE members have conducted with editors of professional literary magazines. On other pages, there are postings about internships, past and upcoming conferences , how to start a FUSE chapter at your school, and how to add your journal to our directory.

In the Directory, you can look at the comprehensive list of journals nationwide run by undergraduate students. The FUSE Directory is divided into categories of journals: Campus Undergraduate Journals, Campus/Community Journals Staffed by Undergraduates, Open Journals Staffed by Undergraduates, National Journals of Undergraduate Writing, and Anthologies. To find your journal in our directory, click on “Directory” and then the category your journal is under. Once on that page, scroll down to find a hyperlink to your journal’s page.

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